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Chima Anya “Higher Ground” by Chima Anya


And here it is…

Chima Anya “Higher Ground” (Zshare)


Chima Anya “Higher Ground” (sendspace)

So the ethos behind the mixtape is while it’s very much undergound music, it has the swagger and is affable enough to be commercially viable. This is highlighted in various parts of the mixtape where the jiggier end of the spectrum is juxtaposed with hardcore straight lop sided future electronic hiphop BANGINGNESS.

Also the next level hiphop producers represented throughout the mixtape are symbolic of the evolution of hiphop. It’s not underground music strictly, it’s not over ground music. It’s on a “higher ground”.

Feedback appreciated, always. Many thanks to all the producers for their inspiration and in some cases kind words of encouragement. Specific thank you’s to

Dizz1, B Bravo, Devon, Samiyam, DJ Spoon, Offkey, Shortee Blitz, Ras Kwame, Mary Anne Hobbes, DJ 279 and AK09.


10 Annoying things about Hip-Hop Jams in London by Chima Anya
April 26, 2009, 1:19 pm
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-You are unlikely to hear a song less than 5 years old. Apart from Q-Tip’s new record of course.

-Conversations such as the following:

Genuinely nice guy: So how you hear about this night?
Pretentious “scene” girl : I booked Benji B
Confused genuinely nice guy: So… you booked him for this night?
Pretentious “scene” girl: No. But I booked him once.
Genuinely nice guy: Well Done.

– Chubby Mixed race girls with big hair. So much potential… yet so unattractive.

– People going mad when Dead Prez “Hip-Hop” is played. We get it. You love Hip-hop. We at a hip-hop night too.

– People squealing all surpised when “Award Tour” or “Electric relaxation” drops. Didn’t you already play it twice in the house before leaving for the club? Did you not just hear the whole Q-tip album being played. TWICE?!??!

– Wankers who don’t dance because they claim the DJ is “anthem Bashing”.

– Beautiful women who rush to the dancefloor when A-cyde drops some 808’s Kanye but quickly disappear when it’s followed up with M.O.P’s “How about some hardcore”.

– Wordy Internet blog/ Facebook “press releases”. (especially those proclaiming non pretentiousness, written by “scene” girl types – see above)

– Dubstep.

– It’s probably in Fucking Shoreditch.

Chima “Fucking” Anya

We Fight we Love remix feat Kanye West and Consequence by jdotbrown
March 25, 2009, 9:58 pm
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Opinions? … I Prefer the original. 


LIKE 1,0000000000,000000000 times over this mess.


But that’s just me

FAYBAN; Black Milk Live review 21/03/09 by jdotbrown
March 24, 2009, 8:11 am
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This tune was going on in my head as I watched the abysmal Black Milk performance at Cargo on Saturday. Witnessing all the hoxtonite trendies sycophantically going mad over BM’s poorly structured, dry uninspiring show, I wanted to stop the music, pump this tune and systematically slap the shit out of each and every one of them.

I’ve read somewhere that cargo’s sound system is notoriously difficult to get right and this was no more apparent than on this night. Imagine my embarrassment when I had spent so long convincing my peoples that there was some merit left in being a hip-hop fan and I drag them down to this.

Trendies, sound quality reminiscent of uk hiphop nights done in pubs, NO hot chicks in the house and when BM was done I swear they started playing some eurotrash techno shit.

As much as I dug Tronic I’m afraid the wu-tang philosophy of “if i see you live you gonna sound wack on tape to me” (check your 36 chambers skits) is very much applicable to a music head of my variety.





A bit Late I know… 1685 Bach by Chima Anya
March 21, 2009, 12:58 pm
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For the rest who have not had the pleasure of being up on this

Mario Kills Luigi. by jdotbrown
March 17, 2009, 2:02 am
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The end of this video brought a tear to my eye. Awesome beat. Awesome Vibe.

Neo-soul Jazzy Brazilian Funky House. by jdotbrown
March 11, 2009, 2:41 am
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Peter Hadar + Chima Anya remix. Diggin this. Obviously.