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Chima Anya “Higher Ground” by Chima Anya


And here it is…

Chima Anya “Higher Ground” (Zshare)


Chima Anya “Higher Ground” (sendspace)

So the ethos behind the mixtape is while it’s very much undergound music, it has the swagger and is affable enough to be commercially viable. This is highlighted in various parts of the mixtape where the jiggier end of the spectrum is juxtaposed with hardcore straight lop sided future electronic hiphop BANGINGNESS.

Also the next level hiphop producers represented throughout the mixtape are symbolic of the evolution of hiphop. It’s not underground music strictly, it’s not over ground music. It’s on a “higher ground”.

Feedback appreciated, always. Many thanks to all the producers for their inspiration and in some cases kind words of encouragement. Specific thank you’s to

Dizz1, B Bravo, Devon, Samiyam, DJ Spoon, Offkey, Shortee Blitz, Ras Kwame, Mary Anne Hobbes, DJ 279 and AK09.


Neo-soul Jazzy Brazilian Funky House. by jdotbrown
March 11, 2009, 2:41 am
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Peter Hadar + Chima Anya remix. Diggin this. Obviously.

I’m Cool. by Chima Anya
March 2, 2009, 2:15 pm
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I was really hoping Banner would run on stage and drop his phenomenal verse on this song. What I like about this song is it’s positivity without being hipified. And Banner’s verse –

“You a radio killer
We can call up our white friends and drink a miller…”

Brilliant performance. Get the album got some more heat on there, personal gems being “I did it for sho” and “Her Heart”.