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Dorian Concept by jdotbrown

Dorian Concept is arguably the most talented producer to come out of the whole ‘beats’ movement so far. I’ve been following his work for some time and this kids talent is immense. He has made a name for himself off of his live shows and youtube videos playing the Micro Korg live on stage and coming up with spontaneous compositions you could only dream of making in hours. It’s this talent and production genius that has had him played by Benji B on 1xtra as well as performing in London and across Europe.

After releasing a TrebeO beat earlier in the year which featured quirky chord progressions, deep basslines and nods to the dubstep genre he’s back with a full 12″ debut on Affine Records.

Side A contains deep and heavy bass sounds paired with an itching synthline. To say it in a few words, turn your speakers on and get ready to freak out. “Vertical Output” is definitely the uptempo cracker on this record!
Side B comes with some different styles. “Yorktown Recreation” and “Chocolate Milk” are pure delight! Microkorg extravaganza up to the sky, confused funk chords backed by insane jazz lines. These two bangers are arranged in the typical Dorian Concept manner and give a pretty good insight of his sound universe. Maximized Minimalization – Headphone Music for the Dancefloor!

As a special treat I’ve got a teaser of the ‘Maximized Minimalization’ EP just to prove to you that it is worth investing your pennies in.
Dorian Concept – Maximized Minimalization Teaser

I can’t stress this guys talent enough here’s the two latest videos of him on youtube…

On the Casio SA-21

On the Micro Korg pt.2


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