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Peche Noire album download by jdotbrown

I posted about this project with a link to the the track Cacahuete a few days ago. Now the full album has been kindly made available on the website.It’s a mix of tracks produced collectively by the three talented producers as well as solo efforts. My favourites are the lovely soft jam by Louis Bordeaux and Sotu the Traveller ‘Rêverie de Pastis’ as well the crazy 13:54 jam ‘Mercredi’ which features all producers getting busy behind the boards.

Get the album for free here

01. Rêverie grillonaise
02. Cacahuète
03. Petit early
04. Incroyable
05. Boogeur
06. Splendeur
07. Voyage en Bmin
08. Nomono
09. Sacre coeur
10. Meilleur
11. Rêverie de Pastis
12. Mercredi

Album Credits:
Tracks 4,5,9, 10 by Beau Love.
Tracks 1, 7 by Sotu the Traveller.
Track 8 by Louis Bordeaux.
Track 2, 3, 6, 12 by Peche Noire (Beau Love, Louis Bordeaux & Sotu the Traveller)
Track 11 by Louis Bordeaux & Sotu the Traveller.

Mastered bij Elio Debets, Delta Beats Studio


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