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Andy Seize by jdotbrown
October 23, 2008, 4:32 pm
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Andy Seize is one of the old school elite writers from London. Not all of them are still around but he has kept going strong by doing legals pieces and commissioned work for companies such as Addidas and ITV (This Morning) helping out on community youth projects. As part of ‘The Mad Ethnikz’ and ‘World Domination’ crews he built a name for himself from ’85 onwards within the community and gained a place at the much respected Central St. Martins.

Andy is still going strong and is about to put on a show in November. Recently he had a show in the heart of Hoxton at The Bar Music Hall.

Here’s a nice little video showing the progression of his piece which you can still check out for another Month at The Bar Music Hall:

The man himself...

The man himself...

The crew discussing some nice shit of course... who's sitting furthest left.<<<<<<<<<<<me, and the rest of the boys

Hopefully i’ll get some pics of the Canvas pieces and put them up in the next few days. Be sure to check out Andy’s blog for all new updates, works and shows.


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