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Bjork and Thom Yorke collaboration by jdotbrown

Bjork n Yorke


It seems that Bjork and Thom Yorke are teaming up for the release of Bjork single “Nattura”.  Thanks to Pitchfork Media the release date has been confirmed as the 20th of October on one little indian

Excerpt from Pitchfork Media:

According to a text promo the song “highlights a grass roots movement in Iceland to reclaim the country’s natural resources and wilderness from the hands of big business and pollution.” It is described as “more of a protest and rallying cry than a lecture.”

“Nattura” shares its name with the website Nattura.info, a gathering place for the Icelandic environmental movement. This wouldn’t be the first time Björk has teamed with Nattura; this summer, she joined countrymen Sigur Rós at a concert to raise awareness for the organization. It also wouldn’t be the first time Björk has teamed with Yorke. Back in 2000, the pair duetted on “I’ve Seen It All”, a song featured in the Björk-starring Las Von Trier film Dancer in the Dark and included on its accompanying soundtrack album Selmasongs.

Bjork gives her thoughts on the environment and the way the icelandic Government are handling it here. Some nice shit loves nature!

I’m looking forward to this song if their last collaboration is anything to go by. It’s usually a good thing when two great lyricists come together for a meeting of the minds.


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